Summary 2024

Summary 2024 (to date)

14 rides, 512.7 miles, 36.6 miles average

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Date Name Distance Leader Riders
Thu 04-Jan-2024 Ride on 4 Jan 24 44,37 Derek S, Paul Juliet, Terry, Rhona, Steve, Simon, Mike, Anne H, Sarah, Bill, Jo, Simon H, Philip
Sun 07-Jan-2024 83@83 - 7 Jan 24 52.2 DerekS Rob, DerekM, Jo, Philip, Jean, Anne, Annie, Juliet, Hans, Mike, Juliet, John, Terry, Steve, Mal
Thu 11-Jan-2024 Cold Ride on 11 Jan 24 31,35 DerekM, Jean Sarah, Alan, Mike, Simon, Terry, Simon H, Annie, Paul, Rhona, Rob, Juliet, Philip, Jean
Thu 18-Jan-2024 Very cold ride on 18 Jan 24 20,27 Jo, DerekM Sarah, Simon H, Rhona, Philip, John, Simon, Paul, Annie, Steve, Jean, Rob with DerekS, Paul and Steve joining us for lunch
Thu 25-Jan-2024 Ride on 25 Jan 24 39,32 Rob, DerekS Sarah, Philip, Steve, Mike, Simon H, Jim, Anne H, Annie, Jo, DerekM, Simon, Jean
Thu 01-Feb-2024 Ride on 1 Feb 24 36,32 Steve, Anne RobW, Sarah, Jim, Derek S, Mike, Jo, Annie, Jean, Simon, Philip, Terry
Thu 15-Feb-2024 Warm Ride on 15 Feb 24 38,41.2 Paul, MikeG DerekM, Simon, Jo, Rob, Rowland, Philip, Jean, Annie, Terry, Rob Wilkinson, Simon H, Jim, Anne H, Derek S, Ian T
Thu 29-Feb-2024 Very wet ride on 29 Feb 24 40 John, Jean DerekM, Mike, Terry, Philip (Paul joining for lunch); Annie, Bill, Simon, Bill, DerekS in the Duxford group!
Thu 07-Mar-2024 Ride on 7 Mar 24 40.8,35.1,32.2 Rob, Steve, Jim Sarah, Rowland, Simon, DerekM, Paul, Simon H, Terry, Juliet, Derek S, Anne H, John, Annie, Jo, Jean, Philip, RobW
Thu 14-Mar-2024 Ride on 14 Mar 24 46,42 Derek S, Mike G Rhona, Rowland, Simon, Jim, Jo, Simon H, Rob, Philip, DerekM, Sarah, Annie, Jean, John, Terry, Ian T, RobWilkinson
Thu 21-Mar-2024 Ride on 21 Mar 24 35.6,41.6 Simon, Sarah Rowland, Jim, John, Jean, Derek S, Annie, Alan, RobW, Rob, DerekM, Philip I, Bill, Anne H
Thu 28-Mar-2024 Ride on 28 Mar 24 21.7,44.6 Steve, Paul Rowland, Simon, RobW, Sarah, Jim, John, Terry, Anne H
Thu 04-Apr-2024 Ride on 4 Apr 24 32.8,39.7 DerekM, Jo Steve, Jim, Simon, Ian, Annie, Philip, Simon H, Paul, Anne H, John
Thu 11-Apr-2024 Ride on 11 Apr 24 35.6, Philip, Jim Steve, Simon, Rowland, DerekM, Paul, John, RobW, Ian, Rhona, Annie, Sarah, Jo